• Education System:

    An education system follows the all resources, laws, policies, regulation, state, and district at local federal and state level. The profession of education is most complicated and complex and face lots of challenges on daily basis. Every individual has the different point of view about that which education system is better. No doubt The education system of India and America is totally different from each other. Both of these countries used autonomous methods of study in their institutes. Lots of debates and arguments have also been conducted that which education system is better and beneficial for the students.

    Advantages of Indian Education as Compare to American Education

    Here we discuss the some of the information related to the education structure of India and America.

    Indian Education System:

    The modern innovation of technology changed the overall education system of India. Indian education institutes prepare their students very deeply in each subject. They provide equal importance to all basics subjects. The Indian education system has 3 phases primary, secondary, and higher education. One of the most important thing about Indian education in that they always designed specific curriculum for their students. And including curriculum activities, they also emphasize the extra-curricular activities for the students.

    The Indian education structure is more flexible as compared to American education system because an Indian education system is always being ready to face new challenges. That is why India has lots of professional engineers and professionals in their country. We cannot copy the educational material from the American but we can have produced better ideas. Online education portals in India is securing the future of the students by providing them good learning material.

    American Education System:

    If we talk about American education system, then no doubt the education system of America is very much fast and advanced for students. The American institutes always prepare their children to explore new concepts and ideas by their own self. They do not only give much preference to learning material but their major goal is towards the practical thing. They provide wide exposure for their students. They have furnished infrastructure, professionals teachers, and luxurious labs.

    Advantages of Indian Education as Compare to American Education

    The education system of America is divided into 3 parts elementary schools, middle schools, high schools. One of the most interesting things about American education system is that they give authority to their students that they choose their subject by their own. It enhances the interest of the students and working ability of the student.

    Difference between Indian and American Education System:

    There is a big difference between the Indian and American education system. Here we discuss the some of the differences:


           i.          The major focus of Indian education system is toward the absorption of the student.

         ii.          They only provide academic performances for their students.

        iii.          The major focus is on the curriculum activates as compare to extra-curricular activities.

        iv.          The strength of the class in Indian education institute is more than 50 plus in each school.

          v.          They also teach their students about struggle hard in life.

        vi.          The standard of education in very high because the syllabus is tough and the student must need to work hard to pass out the exam.

    Advantages of Indian Education as Compare to American Education


           i.          The major focus of American education is towards the theory and practical work.

         ii.          They provide extracurricular activates more as compared to the curriculum.

        iii.          The strength of the students in each class is very less.

        iv.          In American education system, they do not provide lots of books for their students.

          v.          The standard of education is not high because the content which is designed for the students it is quite easy and anyone can pass out the exams.

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